Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas fun with your kiddos

Every other day, my kids and I do some "learning" together. We sit in a circle and sing songs, talk about what day it is, the weather, and then do some activities together. When Kylie is home, she joins us but most days it is just Cooper, Addy and I.

Anyways, I am always looking for new and creative ways to teach my kids. It's always fun during the holidays to come up with new crafts and activities for the kids. BUT...sometimes, I forget about all of the crafts we did as kids. It is also difficult to find activities for all of my kids. Kylie will come home from school and ask to do a "project" so I like to have some handy for her (preferably one I did with the others earlier in the day).

I figured I would share a few crafts with you all that you can use for ALL your children.
  • The hand wreath...
Yes, some of us did this as kids but it is just fun....

  • The Teeny Tiny Book of Christmas Alphabet for your preschooler
  • Christmas Reindeer Craft

    Directions: Make a reindeer by shaping the pipe cleaner into a V shape and gluing it to the top, back of the stick; glue on wiggle eyes and nose, and draw a mouth. You can make this a gift tag by writing To: and From: on it; you can use the ribbon and make it an ornament; or you can make it a magnet.

  • Egg Carton Tree

    Directions: Cup the egg cartons so you have one row of 6 cups, one row of 5 cups, and so on to 1 cup. Paint
    the outside of the egg cup green. When the paint is dry, glue them on a large sheet of paper as follows: Glue the 6 cup row on the bottom of the paper, just above that glue the 5 cup row, and so on until you have used all the cups. It should look like a triangle when you are done. Decorate with misc. craft items
  • Christmas Necklace

    Directions: Cut 2-3 feet of cling wrap and lay flat on table. Starting on one end, place candy in the center of the cling wrap. Do this the whole length of the cling wrap, leaving 2-3 inches between each candy. Fold the cling wrap over a few times - the long way- to seal the candy. Tie a piece of curling ribbon around the cling wrap in between each piece if candy. Tie the ends together to make a necklace.

  • Santa Hat

    Directions: Cut out a large triangle out of red construction paper. Glue on the cotton balls to make a white ball on one of the triangle tips, and glue cotton balls along the
    bottom edge to form the brim. You can also cut out two triangles
    and tape or staple them together to make a hat to fit the child's head.



Lauren said...

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a member of cnybloggermamas! I wanted to stop by your site and say hi, LOVE the ideas in this post! I have a 5 year old and a 17 month old who always wants to be doing what we are doing. I blog over at Hopefully we can meet as a future cny blogging event!

Fueled by Love said...

Thanks Kara! These are all great go to ideas. I will do them with the kids while we are snowed in!!

Jennifer said...

great ideas! it's so true..sometimes on the quest for bigger and better crafts and activities...I forget the simple things. And...side note, I love that Addy is pants-less and piggy tailed in that picture :) Keep up the good work mama!