Sunday, April 25, 2010

what's for breakfast?

15 She gets up while it is still dark;
she provides food for her family
and portions for her servant girls.

I sure do! Many many MANY days I get up before the sun. As you know, Cooper is an early riser. By early I mean 5:30am!!! Most mornings I ignore him until 6 at the earliest but he is my alarm clock. Not to mention that the baby usually wakes up between 4:30-5:30 for a morning feeding so by the time Cooper comes in, I have just drrriifffttteeddd off into dddrrreeeaaammmm llaanndd...


But this verse says it all my friends. The Proverbs 31 woman is suppose to get up before her family and provide food for them. (I would provide for my servant girls if I had any, but none here...).

I have always felt it was important to start the day off fresh. I would love to wake up before the crack of dawn and have a hot breakfast all ready for my family but that just doesn't happen...right now that is. As I said earlier, it is impossible to get up before Cooper so I have to make due. I get up WITH Cooper and make a meal for him. Many mornings this is before the other two get up so I have everything in order by the time they come down to eat. I also strive to "serve" them breakfast each morning. It may be the usual...yogurt, granola, and emergen-c or something different like waffles but it is breakfast.

You hear of some many kids who just get a bowl of cereal and milk (if they are lucky) for breakfast or have to wait until school to eat and this is just not how we are suppose to start the day. We are suppose to have a good start! A start with food and family.

So girls, lets serve our family this week. Make them breakfast and make sure they are ready to start the day.

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