Wednesday, April 28, 2010

money money money money...MONEY

She considers a field and buys it;
out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.


It can bring out good or bad feelings in us. Right? Some of us have a lot of money and do just fine with it. Other of us are just barley making ends meet...if that. So what does this verse really have to do with finances?

I will start by saying, this was a difficult verse to talk about. A lot of the literature out there talks about how this is encouraging mom's/wives to work or start up their own business.

Although I agree that it could mean this, I do not feel this is what God wants. I believe that God wants us to put our energy into being mom's and not into our careers right now. Yes, I know some of you don't agree and I respect that...really I do but I believe differently. Even so, it doesn't mean we cannot be entrepreneurial. We all have gifts that God has given us. For me, I like to make things and would love to sell them some day. To have money that my hands have earned is rewarding to me. I love what this Pastor had to say about it.

Okay, so, what do I think this means....

"She considers her field and buys it". The word "considers" pops out to me. She doesn't just go out and buy because she feels like it, she considers it. I am sure that she weighs how this purchase will effect her family. Is it something that is necessary for survival? Can we do without it? Can I find something just the same for a cheaper price? Do I need it or is just a want? Will spending my money this way bring glory to God? All of which are extremely important questions to ask yourself when making a purchase.

I can hear you saying, " really want me to go through these questions when I am considering buying grapes instead of apples? Seriously?". Well maybe. I guess it depends. Personally, I do these things. I think of the food we NEED for nutrition and the MONEY (there is that word again) that we have set aside to purchase food. It's not just for those major purchases, it for those little ones as well. Try it next time. God will provide.

And the whole "vineyard" thing...I think this represents our future. Vineyards are not the easiest to grow. They require a lot of attention and only produce more when in a prime environment. So the Proverbs 31 woman invests in her vineyard so that it will produce the most fruit.


Are you investing in your "vineyard"?

Would love to hear your thoughts girls... (or guys)

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