Thursday, April 29, 2010


So here is the deal...

I was cleaning my minivan out this afternoon (don't laugh, I know you love to rock the minivan) and I found some pretty interesting things. Not only was it absolutely disgusting, there were some objects that should never belong in a vehicle.

You ask what I found....

A outlet cover
melted crayons
spoons (that had some unidentified leftovers on them)
Diaper cream (hasn't been used in YEARS)
m&m's (melted and gross of course)
Hand wipes
many many many rocks (okay these were from trips to the park...last year)
A statue of a pilgrim (my family will understand this one)
and just plain old garbage...GROSS

So my idea was to do a little giveaway. I want you to go out to your vehicles and find something strange or tell me about something strange you have found in the past. Post it on here and you will be entered in a chance to win either a bonnet or a dress made by me!! You pick the size (and item) and I will pick the colors!! If you only have boys, I will make you a pair of PJ shorts for the summer time instead! The giveaway will close on Thursday May 6th so make sure you get your comments in before then!

Want extra chances to win...write about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook it, or twitter it and let me know!!

What are you waiting for...GO...


Wendy Yates said...

Hey Kara. Funny you have this post - I cleaned out my car last weekend 'cuz I was taking the car in for is amazing what we find in our cars and Heather's note even here yet. Besides my work "stuff" here's what I found:
~Several pens and pencils
~Old receipts form as long ago as last summer
~crumbs from the lunches I'm always eating in my car as I travel between visits
~My niece's sunglasses that she lost last summer (yes, I was begining to think at this point that I need to do this more often!)
~Papers that the ink had disappeared from
~one glove
Should be much more interesting once Heather's here...and I think I will need to do this much more often!!

Erica said...

When we traded our car for our minivan about a month ago, I cleaned it out and found all kinds of great stuff. I found a mind you neither of my kids has used a pacifier in over a year!!!!

Pamela said...

three apples.
actually, they were more like applesauce on cores than actual apples.

Hanna said...
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Hanna said...

Super duper dried up apples... like the kind that kind of look like wrinkly old lady faces.

And also, I hear you're getting a Bernina...

(insert green eyed envy)


Kara said...

Apples seem to be a theme here..I "think" that is what I found under one of the carseats but it is debatable!

Hanna..YES I am getting a Bernina..Your advice girl! I am getting the activa 220!!! YEAH!! Plus they will give me free sewing lessons (which are needed)

Anonymous said... my minivan started to get this funky smell...couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from, I emptied out the entire van and couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from, it wouldn't go away with febreeze or other air fresheners....thought maybe the kids had spilt something on the floor....finally a week or so later, we flipped the back seat up (we have a Honda Odyssey with the back seat folds flat into the floor) anyways, back to the smell. When we flipped the seat up and opened it.....there it was....the culprit of the smell....a dirty diaper, I was not sure how it got there or how long it had been there, but removing the diaper instantly removed the smell.

Nicole said...

I spotted something under the seat the other day, turns out it was a diaper. But not a dirty diaper (which I have found before) but a clean newborn sized disposable know, the kind with the notch for the healing umbilical cord. It made me totally sad since my baby wore these almost exactly ONE year ago (he will be one next week). I'm going off to cry now....;)
And Kara, even though I haven't commented, I am thouroughly enjoying your Proverbs posts!

Kitty-Kitty-Boom-Boom said...

Lets see. Last week I cleaned out my car and I found:

~Half of a Happymeal (Toy removed of course)
~A girls size 3 shoe (Funny thing doesn't belong to any of my kids)
~An Boys atheletic Cup...

That's it. Ooo! and dried mud clumps from cleats :)

Jessica said...

I guess Im not as bad as anything I have heard so far, but I found a melted in silly putty stuck deep into the car rug. My daughter loves to collect what she calls baby coconuts and one day we found a stash of these in the pockets of her booster seat. She is too funny.

Rebz said...

352 small pebbles.
1 bobber.
That's it.

Corrie said...

Mummified bees and bugs. They sit in the window so long that they just get mummified.

Pamela said...

352 pebbles? I can't even count that high. You win.