Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I want to buy my kiddos....

Wouldn't this look adorable in my playroom?

I think my kids would just love this. They are into imaginative play right now and this would make a great addition to my playroom. is way to pricey for a kids toy. Even though they both have a birthday (and I cannot justify buying Cooper something pink) it will have to wait until we are rich some day!

Anyways...just thought I would share with you my wish list for my kiddos..


Corrie said...

You are so craft. Wait until garage sale season and paint someone's old stuff.

Kelly said...

My mom got London a play set at SAM's CLUB last Christmas. It looks JUST like the pottery barn pink retro one, but it was less than $220 for the set. It is ADORABLE!!!!!! I think you can find pics of it on my FB!! Lots of love, Kelly Bohm