Friday, January 15, 2010

10 Random thoughts

1. I have had the crafty itch this week. Here is my current project for Coop Dog. It's a super hero cape. I think I will end up buying some felt for the letters...I will post a pic when I am finished.2. Although I love the snow in December, I am not a big fan of it past then. Snow can be cool if a)it is warm enough to send the kids out to play in it AND b) it isn't too warm so that the melted snow creates a huge mud pile in the yard.

3. Today is my mom's birthday, next Saturday is COOPER'S 3rd birthday and it's also Jocelyn's birthday.

4. Speaking of Jocelyn...look what my darling friend sent me in the mail today.
5. Did you know that One Heart One World starts in 10 days!!! I have my giveaway all ready to post. Oh, you don't know what OHOW is??? click on the link on my side bar and it will tell you all about it. I participated last year and sadly did not win anything, but it is super fun to visit all of my fellow crafty peoples blogs to see what they are up to!!

6. It is bed time for the small people RIGHT I will be right back.

Okay, I'm back....

7. I think I may be painting this weekend...yes, painting. I would really love to paint the office but since there is a hole in the wall of the bathroom (from the toilet paper dispenser which some little person thought was a handle bar) I need to paint!

8. One of my phone's broke yesterday. It will not charge. I think there is some sort of curse on all electronics in our household. Our washer has been a headache for a while now and we are now recommending that you NEVER by a he washer. It is taking up to two hours to wash one load of laundry and likes to eat our socks. We have had a someone come out to fix it a few times now and this last guy said that the design is awful. Thank goodness for Best Buy's service plan!! That's all I will say...because I know you all care so much

9. I am also 90% positive we will be homeschooling for kindergarten in the fall. Both nervous and excited about it. We need to find some more homeschooling friends to keep us busy.

10. Oh...I have lost 5 pounds so far. My goal for January was 5 so hopefully I will exceed my goal this month!

and a bonus....

11. Bad news..My husband just informed me that we are ALMOST out of my favorite liquor...Bacardi Limon. Good news...he was able to make me a drink with some cranberry sierra mist.

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