Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a few random thoughts...

  1. Your first baby tends to get a bath nightly. With your third, they are lucky to get a bath once a week or two.
  2. It is possible to carry all three children at once. I have a picture to prove it. I am only holding two in the picture but you can see where the third could fit.
  3. Speaking of pictures, I should probably get those off of the camera...maybe tomorrow.
  4. Making Christmas gifts is MUCH more time consuming than buying them. But I will add that it is MUCH more rewarding as well.
  5. I changed a total of 10 poopy diapers today between two children...one of which is potty trained but had a tummy bug.
  6. I have learned that I can choose to have a good day. Even if EVERYTHING possible goes wrong, it can still be a good day IF I CHOOSE.
  7. I am reading a book called, The Simple Christmas, and I was reminded of a phrase I absolutely love. " To love is to see the face of God". I applied that to my children today and it was amazing.
  8. Cooper and I got to read a bunch of books together today and it was awesome.
  9. The lights on my Christmas tree need some work. It seems as those most of the ornaments which were hung by small children and mommy didn't feel like moving them have decided to pull many of the branches down hiding the lights. I guess that is tomorrow's job.
  10. Speaking of jobs...I have decided to become more organized. I got a mom's calendar and actually filled it out today. Looking for more organizational tips. I cannot seem to remember anything anymore.
  11. and that being said, my baby is crying...again so I must go tend to her. Nighty night folks.


Cathy said...

I am on a quest to be more organized as well, if you have any great tips to pass on, I'd be thrilled!

Corrie said...

I am pregnant with our third baby. You have given me so much hope! Thank you!