Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We totally ROCKED AZ

We are back from a successful trip to AZ. The time change wasn't as bad as expected and the kids did well all sleeping in one room. The first night was interesting to say the least but after that, they did FANTASTIC.

The wedding was beautiful...lets give a shout out of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Riedl. Being in AZ, you can totally have an outdoor wedding and not have to worry about rain or snow. The kids did okay. Cooper was totally whooped by the time the wedding came around so Zach and I carried him down the isle together. He was even half asleep before the ceremony was over. Kylie loved being a little bride and made a great little bride friend. Addy did great with Grandma and pretty much slept after the ceremony.

Kylie with Lisa
Mr. Cooper man
Daddy and Cooper

Zach and I with sleepy Cooper
The happy couple
Lisa and I (and Addy)
Yes I know you love my ergo!!

We also made a great trip to the train park but that will have to be a later post due to a crying baby...

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