Saturday, July 11, 2009

lots of catching up to do...but first, my new wrap!

Addy is colicy. She cry's for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time in the evening and the only thing that mildly soothes her is being held. She is also a sling riding baby 90% of the time anyways, so I figured I better add to my collection. I was going to purchase a moby wrap but figured these were pretty easy to made. I also made a new pocket sling but I didn't get any pics of that yet. Here is the moby wrap! It was SUUPPERR easy to make and SUUPPEERR cost efficant!

Side view...Addy loves to just look at me!
Front view
back view


Rebecca said...

Hey, good work! I made my own tube-style sling and it saved my sanity in those first ten weeks with the baby. I also bought a wrap similar to the one you just made . . . and I can assure you that you saved a LOT of money. I think I was just desperate at the time.

Heckman Family said...

Kara you look so pretty! And good for you for being so handy! I might have to have you make me one soon...Miss you!

Julie said...

Ohhhh the Moby is a lifesaver!

Nicole said...

This is GREAT! Love it!

Andrea said...

You are so amazing! You look fantastic too!