Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stuck inside

So I woke up yesterday to find that Cooper had blisters on his lips. This was following a high fever this weekend and his sister now had the fever. Fortunately, we already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the morning, so we heading for the docs. The Doctor confirmed that it was hand-foot-mouth disease! YEAH!!! We are contagious and stuck in the house for a few days. Cooper is pretty clingy, but you would have no idea Kylie is even sick! It looks like we got it from the church nursery last Wednesday.

I am attempting to be optimistic instead of wallowing in my own self pity. I have devised a "to-do" list of things I have been meaning to do, but cannot, so we will see how far I get. We had to miss Bible Study this morning too, but surprisingly I am okay with this. I spoke with another mom from Bible Study who said her son caught it last week too...I guess misery loves company!

I am looking forward to MOPS tomorrow too! My mother-in-law will be watching the kiddos for me;o) I have been so excited to see what the future holds for MOPS and God has blessed us. Things have come together lately and I feel God has a great plan for next year. I just got the theme for next year too...Adventures in Mothering...and I am started to prepare around this. We definitely need to do some outreach and get some more new faces at MOPS so hopefully we can publicize it well this summer.

Anyways...I guess this was just a blog out of boredom today so sorry if it wasn't too entertaining. Any tips for not going crazy with sick kids is appreciated today!

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