Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cabin Fever

The day started out pretty yucky...It was VERY dark and gloomy, plus we all lost and hour of sleep last night! Church was somewhat uplifting and inspiring, but I was just in a crummy mood. Thankfully , I was able to go grocery shopping by myself and then I was off to WALMART! Did I mention that I was BY MYSELF! It was just what I needed today and to top it off, the sun came out! The kids are playing nicely together and I have some bread baking!!!! Thought I would include a nice pic of the kiddos this morning. It has gotten harder to taken their pic together because Cooper wants to take off! Overall I think it turned out nicely! Let me know what you think;o)I have also been struggling with CABIN FEVER. I really need it to be spring. We have had a few days worthy of walks, but it always seems to be more depressing afterwards. Just a few more weeks hopefully. Easter will be here in 2 weeks...can you believe it! Looking forward to the family visiting! Especially Candice!!! And for those of you who haven't seen Candice, I am including a pic of her too....with Cooper!

Well I promise I will have some more inspiring blogs this week! St. Patty's Day is approaching as maybe I will post something Irish??!! Off to cook dinner for the fam.


Candice said...

Sooo excited to come up and see everyone:o) Not so much for the weather though... Oh and we can go out and get nasty junk food again!! Ps Im sleeping with Kylie Mae

Rebz said...

Candice is definitely Cooper's real mama. You might as well just admit it.