Thursday, March 20, 2008

on a serious note...

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the importance of marriage. Our society today tells us that we should get married, have kids, and then if it doesn't work, get a divorce. This is a total twist in thinking and we need to correct it so our kids don't grow up to believe this. Now, I am not saying there aren't any situations which people should get divorced...the Bible is very clear about this, but people are just getting divorced because, "it wasn't working out". Well sorry to burst your bubble but marriage IS work!!! So...the following blog is just a few things that can help your marriage. Know that marriage IS NOT always fun and can be very stressful at times. As someone once told me, "you are two imperfect people and when two imperfect people get married, there is bound to be some issues."

  • MAKE TIME FOR ONE ANOTHER!!! There are NO me, I have them all! Set up a time AT LEAST weekly for one on one time. Zach and I are taking a marriage class right now (Love and Respect) where we have learned that women NEED face to face contact with their husbands.
  • Go on a date at least once a month. Get a babysitter and go out. If you don't have money for this, then put the kids to bed, light some candles, make dinner, and watch a movie together!
  • Take advantage of the classes offered for married couples. Even if you aren't having problems right now, YOU WILL. So be prepared!!!
  • Communicate! Women seem to think that men can "read our minds", but here is a newsflash for you...THEY CANNOT! Tell them how you feel..tell them what you want...don't assume they know. Take time to ask your husband about his day and find out what he likes to talk about (it doesn't have to interest you...know that a lot of the stuff you talk about doesn't interest him).
  • Greet your husband with a hug when he gets home from work. Tell him you love him before you tell him how horrible your day was. Give him a home he WANTS to come home to, not an environment where he feels overwhelmed as soon as he enters the door.
  • Tell your husband you appreciate him and the hard work he does to provide for your family. Watch how fast he lights love to feel respected.
  • Submit to your husband...not I am not talking about the little submissive wife who does whatever she is told, I am talking about the Biblical wife who submits to her husband. Read Proverbs 31 for this definition.
  • Write love letters to one another, share your dreams together, talk about money regularly, consult "seasoned" married couples for advice, encourage each other, and love each other even when it is "impossible".
These are just a few things that have popped out in my head...I could go on for days, but thought this was a good start. I am taking a Bible Study right now called, Being Good to your Husband on Purpose. It is a great book and I recommend it. The other book I referenced was Love and Respect. We need to work on our marriages!!!

One another note, I thought I would post a cute pic of Kylie and her cousins, Ryan and Mason taken before they sang at church this past Wednesday.
So girls and guys...LOVE EACH OTHER! Give your wife/husband a kiss and tell him/her how much you love them!


Amy said...

GREAT entry! I've been praying for the marriages around me for quite sometime. I think helps to no NO ONE has a "perfect marriage", we all struggle! Mine is no exception. Defiantely is work but so worth it in the end!
I read a quote by CS Lewis thia week..."Being in Love is something that you DO."

A couple close to me recently separated and I'm just heart sick over it!

On a happy note...we have another "date nite" tonight! YEA can't wait!

Sophia said...

oooh Kara....
great post. :)
thank you for the helpful tips. The Lord knows that I need some guidance in being more compassionate towards my husband (just ask him-haha)

Marriage is work but there are great rewards. And how great is it when you share a marriage with someone who is also a believer in Christ? It helps me feel like no matter what our differences, (and oh, we've got em) we have a common bond in Him.

thanks for the good post. :0