Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why do people Gossip?

Just a few thoughts about gossip.

1. Lately I have had A LOT of people gossiping to me about trivial things. Their excuse being, "you need to know these things about...". After listening to a lot of it and slightly engaging in it, I decided that their are NO circumstances when one should gossip. NOT even if they think it would somehow help the person they are gossiping to. I referred to the Bible and this is what it says about gossiping:

"...They learn how to waste their time, going from house to house. And they not only waist their time but also begin to gossip and busy themselves with other people's lives, saying things they should say." 1 Timothy 5:13

So pretty much sums it up! It is a waste of time and I really want no part in it!

2. If you have something you need to say about someone....TELL THEM! It takes a bigger man to confront the person about your issue with them. By gossiping about it, you are engaging another person in a situation which they may or may not have formed an opinion on. Many women tend to agree with their gossiper while they are talking to her and can sometimes form judgments on people from their conversations. I HATE THIS! Can you imagine someone forming an opinion about you because someone else told them they had an issue with you!!! CRAZY! Remember...if you are gossiping about an issue you have with someone else, they might not even know it is an issue until you address it!

3. There is a difference in venting to someone about a problem and gossiping. We all have our select few people we go to when we have an issue. These are people we know will give us feedback, whether it be positive or negative. For me, these people are spiritually strong people who will guide me in making a smart decision about what to do. Gossiping is when you call EVERYONE and tell them how someone offended you or you want to share some juicy information you just heard about with everyone! Some of these people won't even give you any feedback and you just want them to agree with you! hopefully you will all take this as "food for thought" . Leave me some feedback...I love it!!

One of my select few!! Love you Jocelyn!

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