Monday, February 11, 2008

The simple life

As you can see, I have changed the title of my page to "the simple life". I did this because this is what I strive for! I want life to be much less complex so I can sitback and enjoy it. As a mom, it is very easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and ignore the "little things". Over the years, I have attempted to "demodernize" my family so we don't get caught up in the "ways of the world". We use cloth diapers (saves MUCHO bucks), make a lot of our own bread, and buddle up in the house to save on heat costs. Now don't get me wrong, we love technology. Right now my kiddos are watching a movie and I am typing on the computer. My point is, if we are always trying to keep up with new technology or trends, we will be continually desiring something new. Why not just enjoy the things God has blessed you with!

Simplicity: is the property, condition, or quality of being simple or un-combined. It often denotes beauty, purity or clarity. Simple things are usually easier to explain and understand than complicated ones. Simplicity can mean freedom from hardship, effort or confusion. It may also refer to a simple living lifestyle!
My bread machine making some yummy pizza bread!

I do still have some ideas of ways we can make life simplier and will implementing these ways in the near future!
  1. GARDEN! How easy is it to grow your own fruits and veggies!! We did do some last year, but with a new baby, it was difficult to do much. This year, I hope to have a HUGE garden full of peas, tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, and lettuce. My husband also suggested growning pumpkins.
  2. Compose bin. This is a great way to fertilze your garden and recycle. check out this website if you are interested...
  3. LESS TV! How many hours a day do we spend watching TV? I recently did a poll on my blog and most of you said you watch TV between 1 and 2 hours a day! I am guilty of this as well. Why not read a book or spend some time with you family. It's also really easy to use the TV as a babysitter. Kids need to get out and PLAY! Therefore, my kids ARE limited on their TV time too.
I also included a picture of a TIME SAVING product I have grown to love. It is the Shark and with small kids, this works great! My mom bought it for me not to long ago and I have used it daily to pick up all of the crumbs my kiddos leave behind.


Rebz said...

Cool shark thingy. It looks like something I could use. Also- I love your tips for the simple life. I couldn't agree more.
Love ya,
PS, I want some bribe pics of your kiddos.

Dedie said...
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Dedie said...

Kara- I love this- and I agree with you completely . You reminded me that I should be using my bread machine too !
Love Kylie and Cooper's "concert"
I'm so glad that you are my daughter in law!!


Theresa said...

I loved this post too. What you said hits a cord with me. You should check out Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Especially if you are going to get back into gardening this spring. The library in Caz has it.
I will let you know what we try to do to keep things simple (try is the key word there).
-Have on car
-Matt works full-time and I work a little part-time (instead of two full-time working parents)
-"vacations" come in the form of visiting friends and family who live all around (saves on money)
-don't buy lots of stuff for our house/try to keep the things we have nice so they last longer
-read or call friends instead of watching TV (sometimes we still watch a little)
-try to enjoy the outdoors everyday

none of these are rocket science

loved the video. . .

MOM said...

I went to the Christmas Tree store and got all sorts of seeds to start some veggies and herbs this year. I will seed them all and share the plants with you when they are ready. Eggplant, Zuc, Yellow squash, bush beans, snap peas, basil and sunflowers. Sound good?
Love ya mom..
oh ps. I always have some tomatoe plants to give away too :)