Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A cute story

Good Tuesday afternoon to you all! I have accomplished so much these last few days and am feeling more "together" than I usually do on Tuesday's! Anyways, I have a cute story for you.

Yesterday I was folding laundry when I noticed that Kylie was eatting all of the skin off of her apple. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm eatten da skin for Cooper". After a minute, I realized that she heard me tell her last week that Cooper cannot eat whole apples because he would choke on the skin. She proceeded to eat the skin off of the apple and gave it to her anxiously awaiting brother. She then asked me, "Can I get a new apple?". I said "not right now" and told her to share with her brother. I was expecting an outburst, but instead, she bent down and took a bite of the apple her brother was holding and laughed, "Cooper is sharing with me mom".

It melted my heart that she WANTED to share with her brother. I didn't need to say anything to her, she just did it! I love when our kids listen and apply the things we have taught them.

BRIBE PICTURE: this was taken in September! I love Kylie's expression!

I also wanted to include a cute video of Kylie and Cooper playing the drums together last week. Notice Kylie making up a song to sing in her pretend microphone!

Need to go chace a baby crawling up the stairs! Have a great week everyone!


MOM said...

OK, it has taken me 15 mintues to figure this blog thing out and how to comment. You dear old mom didn't get it. But... it was so fun to be able to experience the kids playing. I miss my family so these days and it made me feel closer.

Love MOM

Deb said...

YOU make us so Proud! You are becoming such a "wise"mother! Kylie & Cooper are the best!

Dedie said...
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Theresa said...

Cute story Kara! You should be proud of the job you are doing. We miss you!

Rebz said...

Sorry- it is hard for me to concentrate on writing my comment because Brilyn keeps saying- "Mommy! Watch Kylie! Watch Cooper!"
Anyway, I love that story about sharing the apple. I know what you mean about feeling fulfilled when your kiddos spontaneously apply something you have taken 1000's of hours to teach them.
Feel the joy, wallow in it even. Because these moments are few and far between. HAHAHA Don't we know it.
Annyway, love ya and Brilyn wants more MOOMOIS of Kylie and Cooper.(Even though she doesn't say it that way anymore, I still do. HAHA)