Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am aware that I have been slacking in the writing department these days. But with 4 kids, things are a little crazy around here. That being said, I have a few minutes to myself so lets see if I can fill you in a little on our busy life.

1. Christmas was super fun! The kids were all allowed to ask Santa for 3 gifts (a need, a want, and something to share). It was great to watch them carefully decide what to ask for. They all ended up with a lot of "stuff" anyways but I have seen them play with almost everything they received.

2. Speaking of "stuff"...we seem to have a lot of it these days. No matter how hard I try to limit things coming into the house and how often I purge what we have, I am still struck by how much STUFF we have. With 4 kids, we seem to accumulate a lot! I do feel that I am pretty good about getting rid of unnecessary things but still feel overwhelmed every once in a while. Time to do some purging!!

3. Organization is on the "to-do" list these days. Although I am NOT pregnant, I have felt the "nesting" urge lately. Yes, I even organized my spice cabinet. Must have something to do with #2.

4. Kallen is growing up too fast!

5. Looks like we won't have to wear our hats/gloves in the house anymore! We decided to invest in a wood stove. I am super excited to get it put in and cannot wait to cuddle up next to it with a good book!! YAH!!!

6. We seem to be going through more food than usual. Must have something to do with having so many people eating! Think we may have to revisit the food budget again.

7. I am learning a lot these days about God. Stay tuned for future blog posts on that one.

8. Zach has been making some super awesome cutting boards! Love that he has discovered a new talent.
9. My time is up...must accomplish something before the kids wake up from nap!

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Corrie said...

Sounds like a great time. Let us in on some purging ideas.