Saturday, July 10, 2010

I swear my kids love to see how much mommy can handle in the store!

Shopping with three kids 5 and under IS CRAZY! It never use to be this crazy. I think it happened when the baby decided to have an "opinion" along with the others. So here is how it goes..

Goal: Get necessary items at Target and Kohl's for upcoming (tomorrow) trip up to the cottage.
Deadline: 11:30/lunch time

We finally got out the door around 9:30 only to have Cooper report his desire to use the restroom...NOW.

Cooper: "I have to go (number two)...REAAALLLL BADDD"
Mom: "we are right around the corner from Target, you will have to wait".
Mom: "HOLD IT"

So I get the baby in the ergo, and sprint into target with Kylie and COoper. I carefully lined the toilet seat with firm instructions to NOT touch anything.

Mom: "Are you done yet?"
Cooper: "Yes mom"
Mom: "are you sure? There is no (number two) in there"
Cooper: "tricked ya"
Mom: *arrrrggggg* reminder to self to tell the story about the boy who cried wolf.

We wash hands and load into the cart only to have Kylie start pulling things (glitter pens) out of the dollar section.

Mom: "Kylie put that down, we have some at home".
Mom: "Kylie..NOW"
Kylie: " But mooommm, I NEED them" *whine, whine*
Mom: "I am leaving now"
Kylie: "I don't care..go".
Mom: "People are starting to look at you, now put it down NOW and lets go".

I pull her into an aisle and give the, "you will listen to your mother or there will be consequences" speech.

And we are off....

Cooper: "Kylie keeps pulling the cart"
Mom: "Kylie Get off of the cart...NOW"
Kylie: "FINE" but really didn't get off and continued to wiggle.
Mom: "You have already earned a 5 minute time out...would you like me to add some more minutes".
Kylie: "I don't care, I will stay there for one million years, because (once again) I don't care".
Mom: " Watch it Kylie, your mouth is getting you in trouble".

Pick up some toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. Then we were off to the vitamin aisle when I hear...

Kylie: "I have to go pee".
Mom: "Seriously Kylie, we were just there"
Kylie: "I didn't have to go then, now I do...NOW"
Cooper: "me too"

So we headed to the bathroom for the second time.

Then we headed for the grocery section to pick up a few snacks for our trip.

Kylie: "I want candy and gum and fruit snacks"
Mom: "no Kylie we need healthy snacks"
Kylie: "FINE"

I was asked if we could buy almost every bit of junk food in the store before checking out.
At the check out line we had another meltdown over Cooper wanted a bag of his own. Ummmmmm, NO!

We get back to the car and the kids get a little lecture about how we need to behave in the next store or ELSE! I then was able to redirect another temper tantrum over food in the car.

In Kohl's we found one of those thrifty double cart/stroller things. Yeah..not so much fun to push. The kids then decided to have a few Chinese fire drills while mom picked out some new shorts (because I have NONE). I firmly reminded them of their consequences if they didn't behave ONLY to hear...

Cooper: "She won't share her is my turn to sit in the back"
Mom: "Kylie are you taking turns?"
Kylie: "I changed my mind, I am going to sit here now"
Cooper: *scream* "IT'S NOT FAIR"
Mom: "we are leaving now..NOW"

As we check out, I watched Cooper pull Kylie's hair and then Kylie gently push back at him...

Ummm this is why shopping with kids is absolutely CRAZY. But I did remain calm through most of the trip.

As we pulled in the driveway I got the "Mommy we are sorry, can we not go to time out" line...again, "NO".

Let me tell you, the rest of the day, the kids were rather well behave due to fear of what consequence I would give them later.

Like I said, they love to see how far they can push there mama.

And this is why we are going on vacation for a whole 11 days....YEAH for the Cottage!

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Hanna said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...
You're livin' my life, sista friend!