Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to reality

We had a great time up at the cottage! It has to be the most beautiful, relaxing (well as relaxing as it can be with 3 kids under 5) place in the world. The simplicity of being there is TV (well DVD's on rainy days), no internet, very limited phone access, and not a lot of the every day things I depend on. I actually love it! Really..not to be distracted by facebook or reading up on someone's blog. It was great. are a few highlights from our trip..

1. Addison's 5 attempts to empty her stomach on the car ride down (I guess that wasn't a highlight but makes it a little more entertaining).
2. Cooper sailing with his Poppy a few times (even fell asleep once)
3. Kylie winning a medal at the cottage kids day.
5. Dutch Blitz with the fam every evening
6. Running some KILLER hills and learning the definition of shin splints
7. Watching Shawna, Kylie, and Cooper ride on an aqua port...standing up!
8. Swimming, swimming and more swimming
9. Boat rides
10. Just spending time together!!!

It's great to be back but man do I love that place...

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Corrie said...

Wow! That sounds absolutely amazing. More stories please.