Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just as I promised, more pictures

We had a great little birthday celebration for Miss Addy complete with cake and presents.

She loved the cake. At first she attempted to lick it but the camera wasn't fast enough. She pretty much loved the frosting but ditched the cake after a few bites. ( was a gluten free cake and not my favorite either).

She love love LOVED her new toy from us. It is an ice cream truck and sings a song. She kept dancing every time it went off. (We now have races with the ice cream truck and the tonka truck in our house...)

Overall, it was a great warm day! She was the happiest she has been in a while all day long and even intentionally said "mama" a few times just to see me smile ;o)


Sophia said...

I love the last picture of all of you (minus daddy) looks like everyone was very happy. :)

Corrie said...

What a fun day. Great job with the present. That cake looks fabulous.

Rebz said...

You look great.
PS kids are cute too