Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Butterfly Day

Kylie loves Butterflies!

Not just Butterflies but she loves to learn about butterflies.

That being said, she wanted her birthday party to be about the life cycle of a butterfly.

I know kinda weird for a 5 year old but I couldn't be more proud of her.

Once we decided on the theme I jumped on the computer to research some theme's for her party. Here is what I came up with.

To start the girls came in a picked out a butterfly mask which my sister purchased on Oriental Trading.

They then colored some pretty 3D butterflies and rubber butterflies. They were then able to make a rose for their butterfly out of foam.

After this each girl picked out a basket for our next adventure.

We then went on a Butterfly hunt for some items hidden around the house...these items were: Butterfly antenna (headbands with pipe cleaners and pom poms), butterfly lollypops, butterfly tattoos, a coloring sheet on the life cycle of a butterfly, and an egg (easter egg filled with round gumballs).

It was then LUNCH TIME. I found these cute plates for a dollar at the Christmas Tree Shop and figured they would do...The girls were served butterfly sandwiches, caterpillars (cheese curls, and grapes on a toothpick), butterfly eggs (olives), and butterfly food (cheese and fruit).

The girls then got a ton of candy with the flower pinata my SIL made for Kylie (which she painted herself).

We then ate butterfly cupcakes and ice cream. My SIL found these gummy butterflies at the local Amish bulk food store.

The end the day we read the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I was a little nervous about getting the girls to listen, but they really enjoyed it!

Each girl was also able to munch on some popcorn while they waited for their mom's to come pick them up...

Overall it was a success...Here is a picture of the happy birthday girl! In her butterfly dress her mama made for her...


Nicole said...

Love it! So cute!

Beth said...

Seriously? Best birthday party ever. Nice work, Mama! :)

I love the dress!