Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So we are back...for now! This weekend we have a wedding in Rochester, but should be around after that! We had a great time at the cottage again and are sad we aren't going back up this year. The kids swam and played a lot outside (despite the timid weather). Zach and I both read a book and got some much needed relaxation. I would love to report that we got a lot of rest as well, but you all know how well kids sleep when they aren't in their own bed ;o) ANYWAYS...here are some pics!!!

Cooper having fun in his airplane

Kylie loved to run and jump off the end of the dock

Another beautiful Canadian sunset

What we love to do most...sit and watch the sun set on the dock!!! (this is my dad and Shawna by the way)

I will post more when I get them!!!

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