Friday, June 27, 2008

our first cottage trip of the summer

We successfully made it to and from the cottage this past week! The kids had a great time and so did I! Cooper was a bit "clingy", but I still enjoyed the peaceful environment of the cottage. Every time I go, it is amazing how much I relax to the sound of the lake! WOW! Anyways...thought I would include a few pictures for you.

Kylie insisted on wearing her goggles in the water. She was very brave and just jumped off the end of the dock and went right under water! SO glad she isn't scared of the lake.
Kylie and Aunt Shawna on the dock
Cooper bug pretending to sleep in Kylie's bed!

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Sophia said...

glad you guys made it up there! MAybe you can stop here on your way through next time- I am not sure how far it is, a few hours at least- I will check with Scott....Karl and Courtney stopped here once a few years ago on their way up there, too.