Friday, June 13, 2008

As you know, I tend to put ideas of cheap ways to decorate your house on my blog. Yesterday, on our walk, we found a bunch of wild roses. We picked them and made a great decoration for my windowsill.

On another note, we have been spending some time up at the lake. It is a GREAT place for small kids because it is only 2 feet deep for most of the length of the pier. Kylie loves going underwater and thinks she is a pro swimmer now. Cooper found a butterfly and just played with it for a while. Thought I would include a pic of him...a cute one this time!

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Rebz said...

Your windows look awesome.....I need you to come put roses on my windowsills.
And, Coop's head made my stomach turn a bit. That blond hair and blood are quite starkly in contrast.