Tuesday, April 29, 2008

it's been a while

Sorry it has taken so long to blog, but the weather has been AWESOME and we have been outside. Unfortunately, the weather is not so nice today. It was in the 80's last week and today, I am sad to say, it snowed! Only in CNY! We got a new sandbox from Zach's sister this past week and the kids love it. We did have one incident of Kylie sitting on Cooper's head in the sandbox. Fortunately, Cooper thought it was cool! We also found out that Cooper LOVES anything that moves. Especially the lawn mower. Daddy took him for a few rides and he LOVED it. SO I thought I would include some pics for you all.

Kylie in the sandbox

In case you were wondering where we put it
Cooper looking handsome
Unfortunately, he has and older sister
There we go...a boy pic!
Kylie in a new dress (thanks Grandma Riedl)
Waiting to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's


Sophia said...

cute pictures! kids just love the sandbox, don't they? and a little head sitting isn't a bad thing. haha
I love the dress from your mother-in-law, did she make it?

Rebz said...

Hey Kara!
I love the very country setting for the sandbox.
Cade loves the lawn mower too. He tries to climb onto it whenever we are in the vicinity.

Amy said...

I love the picture of Cooper on Kylie's pink chair! I have lots of pictures of Ryan at that age with necklaces and tiaras thanks to big sis! ; )