Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is it spring yet?

We have had a few days of up and down weather. On Monday it was in the 60's and VERY windy. Then on Tuesday it was sunny, but in the 30's. Today seems like the best of the days because it is suppose to get into the 50's and is VERY sunny! We let Kylie take her new jeep power wheels out on Monday and she seemed to like it. She needs to work on her steering, but has the, "playing with the radio while driving" down! Cooper is intrigued by the whole driving process and cannot wait until he can reach the peddles.

I cannot wait to start my garden. I did some weeding and am starting to brainstorm where I want my garden. We have a lot of bunnies and deer, so I want it somewhere that they will hopefully leave it alone. Any suggestions....

On another note, it looks like Cooper is starting to walk...FINALLY. He is taking 5 or 6 steps towards things and likes to push his toys around in his walker. My back is begging for him to walk, but my heart wants him to stay my little baby forever;o( He just starting really playing with Kylie too. I am including a little video of Kylie pushing Cooper around in his walker...I wonder where Cooper got the idea to push his toys around???

Hope you all are doing well. Enjoy the sun while you can!!!!

xoxox, Kara

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MOM said...

Hey hun,
I planted a bunch of seeds yesterday. Zucs, beans, sunflowers, even bird gourds. I have pleanty for you. We can build a little fense around you stuff to keep your furry friends out.

I love the movie. Makes wish even more I was closer.