Friday, October 28, 2011

Zach's creations

So my awesomely talented husband has been playing around in the wood shop for a while now. He has organized our house more than I could ever imagine and is finally starting to sell his creations. They are VERY sturdy and well built! Let me know if you are interested!!

2x3 goes for $80

2x4 goes for $100

3x3 goes for $100

I love this table! It has a "secret" shelf to hide my ipad/laptop.

And the sofa table! This is GREAT for those of us who need a place to work while relaxing! They come in all sizes to fit all sofas.

Look for more creations in the near future!!

Oh and just in case you wanted to see my cute little babies face again...

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Corrie said...

He does beautiful work