Friday, January 21, 2011

The sick ward

That should be the sign that hangs outside my door. "The sick ward"! We have strep FOR EVA! It all started back in November (Thanksgiving to be precise) when this mama came down with the nastiest, more horribly painful, sore throat in the world. Yes, it was strep and yes, it is uncommon for adults to get strep. They suggested that one of my little people probably passed it on to me without knowing.

Fast forward 3 weeks when the nasty sore throat returned (however it wasn't as nasty). Once again I was diagnosed with strep and put on those absolutely horrible anti-biotics (because I was told there is NO way to get rid of strep naturally).

Fast forward approximately 12 days. AGAIN, the sore throat hit and AGAIN strep was confirmed through those ever pleasant throat scrapers. Now this time, Addy got a fever as well and was diagnosed with strep and Kylie was treated because she showed symptoms as well. Cooper was tested (although showed NO symptoms) and it was confirmed that he was our carrier! We all lined up and received our very tasty meds for 10 days....and here we are!

Well...Kylie has a fever again and her throat hurts! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We cultured her yesterday and I am waiting for the results.

My question friends is WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??!!!??? We changed toothbrushes EVERY time, threw out lip balm, washed hands, changed sheets, and I have been a cleaning freak! I am also treating with olive leaf extract, GARLIC, emergen-c, and probiotics. (I myself have had to cut back on the probiotics because I believe they are not helping the situation in actually doing their job at fighting the antibiotic). I am open to suggestions here because this just has to go! As you know, I am pregnant and really what good are these nasty antibiotics doing to my little baby? Is it possible we have an antibiotic resistant form? Can they test for that?

AHHHHHHH Help friends!


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Corrie said...

stop cleaning and rest