Sunday, September 13, 2009

a note to all you blog stalkers

Dear Blog Stalkers (yes, I am talking about YOU),

It has become apparent that you no longer feel it necessary to leave comments on the lovely, well thought out blog posts. This is frustrating to the blogger (AKA: me) because she feels as though she is talking/writing to herself. Although she does tend to talk to herself on a regular know when you have a full conversation with yourself about how something will go. It's great when the conversation totally turns out the way you played it in your head...right?

But I digress.

I do not wish to talk to myself in blog land. This is a place for you all to read my lovely thoughts (although they are rather crazy at times) and leave me some feedback. I really am not picky about the type of feedback you leave. It could be rather witty or just a "hey, how you doing". And you may no longer use the excuse, "I cannot figure out how to leave a comment!". All you do is sign up for a google account OR post anonymously.

Now I know that there are many of you who enjoy my blog and tend to stalk it on a daily/hourly basis to see what goodies I have in store for you. I also know that I have been a blog slacker these past few months. I've always been one to give a little to get a little so we have to reach a common ground here people. I will post more if you comment more.

The thought crossed my mind about the content of my posts...are they boring, too kid centered? Hmmmm so maybe I will have to spice it up a little and do a few giveaways or an open question night. I have seen these on some friends blogs (THAT I COMMENT ON) and they always seem to be a hit.

So tonight I will bribe you with an ADORABLE picture of Mr. Cooper that I took today. All you have to do is leave me a comment on ANY question or topic you would like to see me write on. It can be something like, "Kara, how come you always rub your feet together while you are sitting in a chair?" or "why did you kid decide to spit up all over my new leather chair?" I will pick a few of them and post the answers in a later post.

Now you ask how many comments/questions I need to recieve...5! Yes, I said 5! I feel we need to start slow here people! So go ahead and ask away! ask.

So now that I have that off my chest, feel free to leave a comment!! Talk with you all soon!



Courtney said...

I will be your first comment! Thank God for blog land or I would never know what is happening with my family! I really need to get back to my blog since it just sits there with no new updates. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your beautiful family!! I will be stalking ummmm I mean checking back on you later.... :)

Sophia said...

First: YES COURTNEY you have been neglecting your blog and deserve no comments for the first 3 new posts you write!! haha

Kara I too wonder if my blog is too kid-centered "here's what we did today" but hey, that's what my life is right now, right?? lol

hmm...topic questions, you are REALLY leaving yourself WIDEEEEE open here.....hahhaaaaaaa


I'll be nice.

"Do you guys do a date night? WHat do you do to keep your relationship going?" wink wink

(in all seriousnes, I am interested in the answer!)
I'll check back later....

Pamela said...

Well, then.

I have a hard time commenting when I'm being forced to comment. So, I'm a little tongue, er, finger-tied right now, and am not sure what to say.

But here's a question:
Do you respect the Six Weeks? You know, the Six Weeks Postpartum Abstinence Program established by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology?

That is all.

Julie said...

I feel your pain Kara! I too love my blog and work hard at it and almost never get comments!!
Anyway, I am an admitted blog stalker and I love yours! It's always fun to read. I will comment more!

Nicole said...

Sorry Kara...if this is somewhat directed towards me. Lately I can't find the time to post on my OWN blog, let alone leave comments on all of my friends blogs that I follow! But, just because I don't always comment doesn't mean that I don't enjoy your posts and get a kick out of your cute kids! Keep on posting...
Oh, and let me know when you are available so we can meet up someday!

Kara said...

Nicole, I actually wasn't directed at you but some family members who NEVER comment at all, just stalk ;o)

Love the questions..may have to ton them down a bit..cough cough Pamela! lol.

Dad said...

I am old stupid and don't know how to respond on these things!

Kara said...

well just did! Congrats on being my "dad" commenter!