Monday, November 10, 2008

new front porch, superwoman, and Cooper's big boy bed

This post is full of random things going on in my life. I don't have the energy to post several different posts, so enjoy!

First of front porch was finally stained! Doesn't it look GREAT....

Some views from the porch and across the street! Gotta love the country life!!

Kylie got a superwoman custom at target for a whole $2 and we cannot get it off of her...she even sleeps in it (for nap of course...what kind of mother did you think I was)

Yes, Cooper is finally big enough to sleep in a big boy bed. He LOVES it and really transition rather nicely for nap today. Although, he didn't sleep as long as mommy would have liked. We will use it for naps for now and see where that takes us!

Oh and in case you were wondering..we had a GREAT anniversary! Zach even surprised me with this...

It's the ring on top! This is the best pictures I could get!! email me for the story...I promised Zach I wouldn't embarrass him.


Rebz said...

Lovely pics. Also: Consider yourself memed.

Sophia said...

i wanna hear the story!

and of course I told Scott about your wonderful gift! lollll