Friday, January 9, 2009

who are you?

This mornings devotional focused on a topic I think about frequently. Who are you? I know all of us go through the self-discovery phase of life as teenagers, but what about those who never stop changing...those who continually try on different hats to find what best suits them. I know personally, I find peace in knowing I am who God created me to be and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Now don't get me wrong...I am not perfect and have fallen short of the expectations given to me by God.

This line in the devotional was a great analogy of accepting who we are...

"God wants you to be you -- You can relax knowing that being yourself is exactly what
God wants of you. A pencil brings glory to God by being a pencil. But, if you take
a pencil and try to use it like a screwdriver, it won't work and you'll likely break
the pencil. You will find the stress drained from your life when you stop trying to
be somebody you're not and instead start being who God purposefully designed you to

So lets start being (or continue to be) the pencils we were created to be! How awesome that we were
designed to be JUST as God intended!

The question for today is:

Where are the places in your life where you're still trying to be someone
other than who God shaped you to be?


MOPS @ Northgate said...

But, if you add enough orange juice and vodka, we can all be screwdrivers.
LOL. I really like this analogy (the one in your post, not the screwy one above) and it is something I think about too. Sometimes I meet women who are so serene and queenly and I find them wonderful to be around. And then sometimes I think I should be more like them. But then I remember that good did not make me serene and stately, he made me bubbly and sparkly (mostly, watch out for the occasional shot of vodka in this glass of Sprite), which are good things too.

Rebz said...

WHOA! This is Joce, NOT MOPS!
Forgot to change my log in, obviously.

Rebz said...

And finally, let me just add that when I say "good made me," I mean God made me.
The end.

Loren said...

Joce have you been into that Vodka this morning? Just kidding!