Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm feeling kinda crafty

On Saturday, Coop and I went for a much needed trip to Joann's! I have been checking out this website and have had the itch to try some of them out. My BFF has a birthday coming up and I want to make her something rrrreaaaallll nice Clark (sorry stupid xmas vacation humor). Anyways..I cannot show you what it is until after January 25th when I surprise her with my crafty self. All I can say is it turned out MUCH nicer than I expected and I even got creative with it!

Back to the trip to Joann's. You know, I just love that place. It is awesome!! They were having some major sales, but I contained myself. I did get some pretty cool candles for 49 cents and they weren't just votive's... they were real candles in mason jars!! I couldn't believe it either! I stocked up on them for smelly gifts throughout the year. I also picked out some fabric to make some warm blankets for the new baby. I believe each of my babies should have at least a few of their OWN blankets that weren't spit up on by their siblings. The pattern I found is super easy and I cannot wait to start them.

Speaking of the baby...this baby has started to move some. I was pretty surprised by the "mellowness" of this one, but the past few days this bean has proved me wrong. S/he tends to kick me during nap and bedtime! Of course she wants to keep this mama awake. S/he is just conditioning me for what is to come.

I guess that's it for me now. The kiddos are getting a little restless, so I will be getting them ready for bed. I will leave you with a little night time treat...enjoy

*and I couldn't forget to brew you some of this...

*If your pregers, I will make it decaf!

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Rebz said...

MY birfday my birfday is comin is comin with presents with presents from KARA oh YEAH!
Beacuse she loves me even though she just recently got her brithday present from me approximately 60 days late.