Wednesday, February 10, 2010

*cough* leave my home...

We are sick...well not we but the kids are sick.

Not just runny nose sick. I mean the kid of sick where you kids cough until they cannot cough anymore. The kind of cough you are tempted to make them walk around with a bucket..just in case. The kind of cough you want to put ear plugs in or maybe some really bad 80's music because that would be better than listening to it.

Don't get me wrong. I feel horrible for them. They have fevers and chills and the most chapped little noses. They walk around saying, "mommy, hold me" over and over and sometimes all they can get out is, "mammmmmaaaaa". It's sad..really.

Thankfully Zach and I are not sick yet...I said YET. With the amount of snot I have handled the past few days, it is inevitable that I will get sick soon. Very very soon.

Isn't that the way it works. The kids get healthy (and by healthy I mean they get every ounce of their energy pack with a pinch of the crazy's) while the mom and dad need rest.


SO..yucky bug you MUST leave my home ASAP..prior to the mama and the daddy getting it!

Well there was a purpose for this post. It was to tell you that I have a good good post in mind to write tomorrow (if the sickness doesn't attack me) about a magazine I read today. I was really disappointed with it and it made me realize just how different I am. was a parenting magazine too.

But that is for tomorrow.

In the mean time..head on over to my friend Jocelyn's blog and check out her post on mandatory vaccinations....More on that later.

Nighty night my friends. Well lets hope...


Hanna said...

Ugg and yuck and I hope you feel better...
And also... YAAAAAAAAAAAaY!!! You heart my blog! OMGosh the blogosphere is addicting, is it not?

Sarah Eiley said...

get them some Sambucol - elderberry syrup! immune booster and cough supressant that tastes delicious. I'm ordering dried berries to make my own and we're going to plant elderbushes in our backyard this summer! :) Feel better babies!

Nicole said...

Feel better soon!