Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crafty week

I shared with a few posts back that I have been working on a few crafts...

Here is Coopers super hero cape. I changed the fabric colors to solids so you could see it better. I will take more pics of him in it on Saturday when he TURNS 3!

The second attempt at the dollhouse/barn turned out great. It's not exactly done yet and is in need of some barn doors but this is what I have accomplished thus far...I hope that my nephew will like it.

I had some left over yarn from another craft I am working on so I figured I would make the girls matching head bands. They turned out super cute...except Kylie didn't want to model her's for me.

Next week (Monday to be exact) is OHOW. I have my TWO giveaways all ready to go but I cannot share those with you until next week.


Corrie said...

Great work! I'm sure the kids will love it.

Sophia said...

oooh all so very cute!
you are really good Kara- all your stuff looks handmade- not homemade!

my boys both have reversible batman/superman capes that they wear ALL the was well worth the effort!

I have yet to crochet a headband; can you share the pattern?
hey, are you on ravelry, by the way?

Hanna said...

Nice barn! I made the same pattern in a dollhouse once for a friend's kiddo's bday! It was a big hit. I should probably make one for G & A since they beg me everytime they find the extra plastic panel pieces...
Great job crafty lady!

Nicole said...

You are quite the crafty mama.