Friday, November 14, 2008

Not sure what to say???

So here I am, researching, relaxing, and trying not to worry about my stupid thyroid (story I will not discuss further until I have the facts)

I decided to make some new inserts for my cloth diapers. I did this in the past and they didn't turn out the way I hoped. Anyways, the pattern I am looking at for my inserts looks pretty easy. Let me know what you think...

Also, I'm looking up some new Christmas craft ideas. I found an awesome website through Mrs. Whimsy love called Tricia-Rennea. She really has great ideas. If I had any energy whatsoever, I would be sitting at the table crafting some of these for Christmas, but I decided it was much easier to just sit her and type away random thoughts. During nap today I did get make two new crafts but I cannot share them with you just yet...

Speaking of random thoughts, I have been thinking of baby names lately but none really seem to hitthespot. I thought I should make this fun and do a baby name poll. Not today, maybe tomorrow, but get your names ready my friends...I may have prizes involved if a name really sticks!!

Some of you will think I am a bit of a nut for my next comment, but it has to be said. Santa Claus is coming to town! We are getting a bit excited about this event at the Riedl household. Yesterday, Kylie, Cooper, and I put up the fake Christmas tree in my room. We listened to Christmas music and decorated the tree...Kylie also has a tree in her room..crazy huh! We love it! Don't worry, I will move slowly with the decorating so I don't get Christmas burn out too soon!!!

Looking forward the the craziness of the next few weeks. Next week we will be heading to Rochester to visit friends and family. After that we will come home for a brief few days and head to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. Yes you heard me right..CHARLOTTE, NC! My sisssy lives there and we decided to make the trip. It looks like it will be about 12 hours so we plan on leaving at 3 am! Say some prayers!!

Okay, well my rambling has gone on enough. I am shutting down the computer and going to bed!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me to this great website. I was looking for cute Christmas craft ideas that me and my kids can do at home.