Monday, November 24, 2008

I will be out of the office until 11/29

We are making the trip to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. I know...we are nuts. Two kids, a pregos mama, and an crazy daddy are driving 12 hours (give or take) to Charlotte to spend Thanksgiving with my little sister and family. We will leave before the crack of dawn tomorrow and hopefully arrive by dinner time. Say some prayers!!!!

Anyways...this past weekend we visited my BFF on her farm in Bergen. It was great to spend a day doing absolutely nothing...and I mean nothing...laying on the couch and talking while we occasionally redirected a stray child. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera;o( But know it was great. I got to meet Clara and Kylie even got to try and milk her. On Friday night we headed out to see my little sisters middle school musical...School House Rocks. It was entertaining and I cannot get the songs out of my head. Kylie loved it!!! Here is a pic of her (not from my camera) after the musical.
On another note, I got a great Christmas idea from my bloggy blog friend Pamela this morning. LONG story these chocolates..the money from the proceeds goes towards families adopting . We all know how expensive it can be and what a gift to those who really desire a child. Not only are you getting some super yummy truffles, you are giving to those who need!! How awesome!! If your nice, maybe you will be the recipient of one of these boxes;o)


Oh and have a GREAT and THANKFUL thanksgiving!

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