Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is my grown-up Christmas list.

I totally realize this is very juvenile of me but I couldn't resist. Window shopping is my specialty and if you know me, you know I rarely buy things for myself. That being said, the other day, my other half asked what I would like for Christmas. We have agreed (as we have every year) to not spend much money on each and not to buy just to buy.

So I figured I would give him a real list...a list that all my blogger friends can see too ;o) It's so fun to live in virtual world sometimes.

* I just love love love this soap. It's called Lavender, goats, and oats and it is made by Wind Song Acres. Since I have had babies, I am in love with the smell of Lavender. I also love goats milk soap (cause it good for the skin) and the oats act like a mini loofah. ahhhh how I love my lavender, goats, and oats. Oh and did I mention this soap is very reasonably priced and lasts forever. I actually found this seller at the local farmers market this summer and bought from her there. I have gone through about 4 bars since then, so I would have to say it's worth it. Okay enough with the soap....

* There was no picture of the actual LAVENDER, goats, and oats, so I had to use this one.

* A food mill. Yes, I said a food mill. My BFF swears by a food mill and with the amount of sauce I make, I feel it will come in rather handy.

*What mama doesn't want a massage. I have heard some good things about Mezza Luna in Hamilton so I think I will try it out (that is if I get a gift card there). All I can say is I REALLY REALLY need someone to work on these knots of mine.

*SOCKS. The other day I actually pulled out a pair of socks I have owned since middle school. Now they were pretty wholly but I still wear them because I cannot justify spending money on socks for me.

*A bread bowl. I mean a BIG bowl I can mix my bi weekly 3 loafs of bread in.

*The list wouldn't be complete without this.... I just love mint baileys
*And just because it's cute and totally out of my price range.... I am totally into wraps right now.

*Just a note to say THIS IS A WISH LIST...not what I expect Santa to bring me....just a few suggestions.


The Pipes said...

nice list! if you get that wrap shirt I expect you to go bra-less like the tiny boobed model ;)

Nicole said...

So modest. And practical. Love it.
And did I mention that I LOVE the family picture on your heading? So cute!

Pamela said...

I know a supercute bloggamama who knits socks. Just sayin'.

Kara said...

Carrie, I will so go bra-less in that. It may be scary, but I will proudly show off my wrap the way the model showed me too!

Pamela, I will pass that on to my better half ;o)

michele said...

love my food mill, but if you want to make some serious sauce, i'd go with a food strainer/sauce maker. just got one for my birthday & it's fantabulous! so much quicker and easier then the mill. amazon carries them. (p.s. i, too, made a wish list)