Friday, September 18, 2009

Smartipant review

Here's the story...

I needed a few more diapers for Miss Addy. Some of my old ones were getting a bit ratty and weren't doing the job anymore. I heard about these new cloth diapers (CD's) called Smartipants. Now you never know what you are going to get with a new brand of CD's...especially the cheap ones. But I figured it couldn't hurt for the price. Plus they came highly recommended from Pamela.

The order went in as soon as I got the okay from the hubby and they arrived shortly after that. I have had a few weeks to try them out now and I think one word sums them up...FAN-TASTIC!

These are BETTER than my fuzzibunz (which if you know me, you know I love them). They are super absorbent and I mean super. The other night I forgot to change Addy before bed (if I only had a brain..doodoo doodoo doodoo) and for a newborn that is HUGE! I realized I hadn't changed her at about 5am and she HAD NOT SOAKED THROUGH. To top it off, the top linning had wicked away all the mosture keeping her skin dry! That is even better than a disposable.

They are also a one size diaper which means you don't have to keep buying bigger sizes. They would fit a little tiny newborn and a big toddler!

To top it off, they wash super easy as well. You don't have to take the insert out to wash just washs out in washer! SAY WHAT...

Anyways...if you know me, you know I love my CD's. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these to ANY new mom or anyone looking to build their stash up.

So here are my favorite to least favorite diapers in which I own.

1. Smartipants ~ because they rock all around!
2. Fuzzibunz ~ hold up great over time, very absorbent
3. gDiapers ~ convenent, don't leak too much
4. Kushies Ultra ~ not bad, but bulky and mosture stays on the babies skin.
5. Kushies Basic with cover ~ yucky.. they work but are very bulky and stinky and a pain and yucky..


Anonymous said...

Oooh. I really want some now. But with Sam potty training, that means I need 50% less diapers, so how do I justify new ones??


Pamela said...

Dear Kate,
A potty training child has icky yicky stinky poo. A potty training child has most likely worn out your stash completely.

Also, a potty training child probably only wears 3-4 cd's a day, max, so you'd only need two three packs and a few extra liners.

Also, the colors! And the speedy shipping! And the nice people who work there!

I want more, too, but sadly I have enough diapers right now.

Rebz said...

LOL. I likes my fuzzibunz, and you say these are even better? hmmm. I may need to look into this.
Also, I really like the baby in the pictures.

Heather Rodriguez said...

I plan on using CD with this baby and am excited to see these are getting such good reviews. It feels overwhelming when you have to build a stash.