Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We are home!!! After our CRAZY Christmas we took off to Rochester to visit my family. Our trip consisted of eating, opening presents, driving, sleeping! Yes...we are a bit Christmased out!!

Anyways...we did have a great are some pics!

Christmas eve we had a hard time getting the kids to sit still long enough for a picture! Can you imagine why???? Here is the best we got of both of them

And Miss Kylie Mae...

Our Christmas eve with the in-laws was very calm and relaxing. And yes, we did turn the lights on to eat.
Santa put in a request for an adult beverage..

The after picture...
Kylie really wanted Makeup from Santa.

Kylie's new Sleeping Beauty PJ's from Aunt Candice.
As for me...I got lots of fun stuff. I will have to share them with you as I use them. One of my favorites is a pair of stud earrings (plain Jane) from my kiddos. I like to wear earrings, but they are always getting ripped out by my little man.

And that's all for now folks...Hope you all had a great holiday and have a GREAT New Year's eve!

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Rebz said...

Nice tree before and after pic. Just right, I think.