Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stomach bugs SUCK

Today I have chosen to show joy! Yes, Joy! While so far it has been PRETTY challenging to find is why.

5:30: Cooper wakes up way to early and decides to beat me into submission to get out of bed.
6:00: Kylie comes in and cries for ginger ale and crackers. Yes, we have spent the last few days throwing up on and off.
7:00: Breakfast time! Kylie gets her ginger ale and proceeds to spill the ENTIRE cup on the floor..nothing like cleaning up sticky soda. Cooper cries and points and will NOT use his words. Therefore, I ignore until he stops. This led into a yell from the mommy..."USE YOUR WORDS"
7:15: Realize there is no way I will make it to Bible Study today because Kylie still isn't looking too hot. Stuck in the house again;o(
7:30: Already get a load of laundry in but forget some of the essentials...therefore another load must be done later.
8:00: Get my cup of tea...sit down and have my morning conversation with Jocelyn...unfortunately this was pretty much a venting session full of complaints.
9:30: Finally get to shower. The kids were pretty much content until Cooper decided to take a chunk out of his sisters neck with his teeth...time out...console to injured child
9:45: HUGE temper tantrum over the fact that the mama will not carry a little boy down the stairs!!
10:00: Demands for food again...even though some of these foods are not good for a sour bellied child
10:30: as I sit here writing this, I am being summoned to "wipe me". Not looking forward to this bathroom trip.

We have lunch next and daddy will be home so I can go to a meeting quickly. Lets just hope and pray the afternoon is a little more joyful!

On a JOYFUL note:
  • I am sooo pumped for the Christmas season. We have our MOPS x-mas brunch tomorrow and this weekend we have our MOPS x-mas party.
  • I got a lot of x-mas shopping done yesterday so hopefully I can get some wrapping down tonight...yes I really love wrapping.
  • My kids are pretty much quiet now (after wiping) and that is a joyful thing.
  • Lets hope I can actually sit down this afternoon and read a book too. This would include a hot cup of tea in front of the fireplace and Christmas tree!!! AHHHHH, just thinking about it makes me joyful!
What's your fruit today??

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Rebz said...

LOL. NUmber one, the word verification letters today are "widallin" it sounds like something a hyper three might be on. LOL. Anyway, my fruit for the day is patience. And, Sesame Street is brough to you today by the letter "L." The rules are: post ten things from your life that start with L and link back to my blog in the post as well. XOXO