Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is it really September?



Apples, pumpkins, school buses, and crunchy leaves already?

Although I am sad to see the summer go, I am excited to see what this fall holds for us.

For starters, Zach and I (and Addy) are heading to Charlotte, NC on Friday to visit my sister and her fiance! Lots of fun things planned as we will be two kids down for the weekend.

Kylie will be starting school (hold on, I need a Kleenex) a week from tomorrow. My baby, my little fat baby, will be riding the school bus and going to class WITHOUT her mommy holding her hand. She will love it, I know she will. And I know this is what God wanted for her...even though I wish it were different.

Cooper will now be the "big kid" in the house. It is time for him to get some more attention from mommy. We will be starting our preschool "learning" time next week as well. He is super excited to have his own pencil box and area to do "his work".

Addison just changes each day. She is a busy little girl, always looking to get into something new. Her new thing is when she is doing something naughty (like climbing the stairs or playing in the potty) I will hear her say, "no, no, no". It's kinda handy... She will also be getting a little more mommy time. We plan on reading lots and lots of books and stacking lots and lots of blocks. By the end of September she will be a toddler genius...Really!

September is also a month of canning for me. Yes, I did can all summer...blueberry and strawberry jam and pickles are a few of my favorites. But fall is my busy time...APPLES. My family LOVES apples! We will be making applesauce, apple butter, spiced apple butter, apple pie filling, and maybe a little apple juice! Fun times.

Happy September friends!!

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