Friday, March 27, 2009

mommy's summer just got easier

If I haven't already shared, we will be getting an AWESOME play set for the kids this summer. It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday afternoon but before the "putting together" of it could begin, we had to clear a lot in our backyard. Thankfully, Poppy aka. My dad, is the tree cutter downer! He came with his chainsaws and gear this past week and did an awesome job at clearing things out. The kids LOVED to watch and it was quite the struggle to keep them indoors while he hacked away at trees. At one point, Cooper pulled his chair over to watch Poppy instead of the movie I was attempting to distract them with! During nap, Cooper jumped on his bed, looking out the window...yes I lost that battle for sure!

And the countdown begins (not that I haven't been counting since day one)! I am officially 30 weeks is the rapidly growing belly!
I do realize this is pretty random, but I had to include this! Kylie dancing to Boston! Yes...this is for Poppy...lets say it's a reward for a job well done! In case you were wondering, I totally grew up listening to this song and I would have to say this may be my dad's trademark song...

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