Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yes, that's right...IT'S SPRING! We have had a great week full of sunshine and playing outside.
It was even warm enough for the kiddos to eat lunch outside! Let me tell you, the fresh air helps them take GREAT naps! I have to admit that I have been taking great naps as well!
I was even able to hang the diapers out! They desperately needed some fresh air as well...along with some sunning! I love laundry that is hung outside to dry! I also started some plant and was able to put them out in the warm sunshine for a few days!
And I just thought Cooper was too cute playing in the sand box. Apparently, sand is his new favorite treat!

It was great to get outside and start gardening as well. We decided and re-decided where we are going to put our garden, Zach cleared out a lot of the fallen branches in the back yard, I got the car washed, I read a book in the "warm" sunshine, and we relaxed on the hammock. I love how busy we are in the spring and how fast the days fly by. Unfortunately, both Kylie and Cooper are afraid of the swing this year and cry every time we go near it. We are hoping to break this very soon! I will say they had fun driving around in the jeep and going down the slide though.

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