Saturday, February 2, 2008

A few pics

Kylie's first official French braid. I am pretty impressed with myself for pulling it off! Oh and she was dressed up as snow white in case you were wondering about the outfit!

And some crafts I have been working on! The dress actually fits Kylie and she likes it!!! WOW! and the purse is what I talked about in a previous blog~

Thought I should add a pic of Cooper too;o)

1 comment:

Rebz said...

Cute KIDS!
And, when did you make a dress? You never talked to me about it! You figure the amount of time we spend on the phone would have allowed for quick- "hey I made a dress."
Anyway- NICE job! I am very impressed with any such abilities.
PS Don't surprise me like this again, I don't think I can handle it.
Also, I french braided B's hair last summer- I will post it on blog so you can see how mine came out.