Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Believing God

Our pastor has challenged us to read the chapter of Acts and meet with another member of the church to discuss it's relavence. He has been talking about bearing fruit as a Christian instead of "just believing". I always thought I was the type of Christian who was bearing fruit, but through this, I see that there is SO much more I should be doing.

I have decided to read "Believing God" by Beth Moore and let me tell is a wake up call. I know God has some exciting things in store for me and daily I am uncovering what these are (read my myspace blog). God has answered my prayers and IS guiding me in new directions. I have decided to become the Coordinator for MOPS next year (mothers of preschoolers). I knew that maybe someday this would be a position I would like to hold, but I had NO idea it would be this soon. It was very obvious that this is where I was supposed to be due to the fact that others STRONGLY encouraged me to take the position and all of this talk about becoming a TRUE Christian was all around me.

God is also challenging me to be an example to my children. As a friend of mine said in her blog, our children are our disciples and we are responsible for guiding them through love and example. (thanks Amy) This being said, I need to start living a simpler life. Some times I get so caught up in what needs to be done that I don't sit down and enjoy my children. They see mom as this crazy person running around attempting to make the house nice...HA! I have also decided to get rid of a lot of JUNK we have lingering around. My kids need to know that material items are not important in the scheme of things and they don't get everything they ask for.

So I am challenged to BELIEVE GOD and not just believe God. I am excited to see where God will be leading me over the next few months!!!

So I hope this makes some sense...


Rebz said...

Here's a comment for you! I am glad you are a blogger too! Blogging is fun and a great way to organize your thoughts. Bring on the funny stories!

Theresa said...

Hi Kara,
I got your email and obviously visited your site and thought I would reply. I think living simpler is a great idea. We are/have been trying to do that too. Just today I was checking out an estate sale and they were selling a red and yellow plastic car thing for little kids and I thought about buying it but then thought again. Just more plastic junk to store and put away and take out and then someday need to find a new home for. Henry has so many toys already and maybe instead of him riding down the driveway in his plastic car this spring, we can just go for a walk.

Amy said...

I just love this entry! I've actually read it several times. It's nudged me along on my spiritual journey as well. : )